Pittsburgh Dad

Iron City Beer, pierogies, the Pens, Steelers and Pirates – we can think of fewer things more Pittsburgh than that. All of Pittsburgh’s idiosyncrasies culminate in Pittsburgh Dad, a one-minute “sitcom” that stars your average Pittsburgh Dad, his wife Deb and a few others along the way. In this series, Pittsburgh Dad finds himself getting worked up over the Penguins, working at a steel mill, yelling at his kids in Pittsburghese and just generally being as Pittsburgh as one can get. There are many reasons to love the show, but we love it because he’s always drinking Iron City! As you can see from the photo, he even has some IC paraphernalia.

Topics range from Pittsburgh Dad at church, to Pittsburgh Dad on the answering machine, to Pittsburgh Dad watching sports. Check out one of the more popular episodes below in which he sits down to watch the Penguins:

The series has become so popular, Pittsburgh Dad recently appeared on a WDVE program. He even has shirts! We look forward to future episodes and can’t wait to see what Pittsburgh Dad tackles next! You can find him on Facebook here. Twitter here. Watch all the episodes here.

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